Wedding Cake Toppers Wedding Cake Toppers Chasiti & Shane Wedding Cake topper created for their wedding. Figures are hand built, the model car is custom painted with some modification sculpt to the hood and side view mirrors. Approx 6.5' H x 9.5"L 184001026 Sarah and Anthony This was commissioned by the John, the brides brother, as a surprise gift to them on their wedding day. Approx 13" tall, made of Super Sculpey and hand painted in acrylics 144292370 Mr. and Mrs. Ohio State Commissioned for Shawna to be displayed on their wedding cake. Based off of "Brutus the Buckeye", the Ohio State mascot, the bride represents her while the groom represents her husband, both Ohio State Alumni. 132203368 Erica and Dave 113513537 Love Birds Two loving Doves commissioned for Jara. Approx; 4''h x 6" L x 3"w 83879421 Mr. and Mrs. Grover Mr. and Mrs. Grover is a sculpture I created for my cousin as a wedding gift. It is a sculpture created from a photograph of my cousin and her husband, and placed on top of a cake display base. It is kiln fired and hand painted with acrylic and stains. It's approx 20" tall and highly detailed. 22760459 Angie and Jon "Angie and Jon" is a commissioned cake top sculpture created for Mindy. She wanted this sculpture as a surprise for her sister, the bride. The figures were created from a personal photograph and separate images of the dress. The bride and groom are created from super sculpy and hand painted in acrylics. They are mounted on a display base made up to look like a cake, which is created from fiberglass resign. All together, this sculpture stands in at approx. 11" tall. 22760460 Mr. and Mrs Kagler Mr. and Mrs Kagler was commissioned by Steven as a wedding gift for his brother(groom) and his wife. 184000334