Commissioned Works Commissioned Works Brody & Tatum Commissioned by Josh as a gift for his wife. Approx 7.5" tall 184000162 Three Pups A sculpture commissioned by Johnny of his dogs. 5.5" tall 184000163 Dogs This was commissioned by Wes for his wife as a Christmas present. Made of Super Sculpey and painted in acrylics, this piece stands at 6.5" tall 147491971 Sheldon This was commissioned by Lyn for her aunt as a gift. He is made of Super Sculpey and hand painted in acrylics. He stands at approx 6" tall and sits on a wood display base 145658278 Steven P. Kagler PEZ head (glow in the dark) This was an original head sculpt attached to an old PEZ dispenser. Made of Super Sculpey and hand painted in acrylics. 144292610 Mario Portrait of Mario holding a nice sized Bass. 127520590 Untitled A portrait bust created for Mrs. Anderson of her husbands grandmother at a younger age. 127519747 Jackson, Pet Portrait Created for Leandra, this sculpture captures her dog Jackson in his Halloween costume. 184000244 Seda Pet Portrait bust. 22761609 Eleanor "Eleanor" is a portrait bust I created of my late Grandmother. I came across an old photograph of her and I realized how much I miss her. So instead of reminiscing, I decided to pay tribute. Created directly from the photograph, she is made of clay and has been bisque fired. She is painted with a Bronze paint and is life size. 22761607 The Black Knight "The Black Knight" is a self portrait created directly from a photograph I stumbled across. This image is from a roller hockey league I participated in as a young teen at The Valley Skate Center. The team name was The Black Knights. Paying tribute to my childhood, I decided to make a sculpture out of it. Hand painted with Acrylics and mounted on a display base, I stand in at approx. 10.5" tall and 12" in length. 22761610 Alexander from Necropolis This sculpture is "Alexander" from Necropolis. I created this sculpture for my friend Alex. It's from a comic he wrote and illustrated titled: "Necropolis" vol. 1. This sculpture was created from a drawing in the pages of the comic. It is free standing at approx 10" tall and is kiln fired and hand painted with acrylics. 22760929 Children at play "Children at Play" is a sculpture commissioned for Lambros Tsuhlares, my friend/ceramics professor. After I finished teaching a sculpture section in class one day, Lambros asked if I would create a sculpture for him. This piece was created directly from his own personal photograph of his daughters playing with their dog. Made from Sculpey III and hand painted with acrylics, this piece stands at approx 5 1/2'' tall and 7 1/2'' in length and is mounted on a wood base. 22761606 Discus John "Discus John" is a commissioned sculpture created for John Baker. Its created from a picture of him posing with a discus in hand. He is sporting his West Liberty State College track uniform and is mounted on a painted marble display base. Painted with acrylics, Discus John stands at approx. 10" tall and is kiln fired. 22761608