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Please use the E-mail provided to request your order form. Feel free to discuss your desired sculpture in your e-mail request. I will then reply with my thoughts as well as an attachment file containing the proper order form. 

How do I order?

To start the order process, please send an email

 containing at least the following information:

-The date/due date of your event.

-The nature of your order (wedding, sport, pet, etc).

-The shipping/delivery address.

-Your daytime phone number.

-Your email address.

-An idea and/or description of what kind of design you are looking for.

I will then contact you to supply the specific order form and to discuss your order and/or scheduled due date.

Once Order Form is completed, sign and date the order form. Please mail it and any pictures (copies, please no originals) you include to the shipping address located at the bottom of the order form. You can also send pics through e mail if you desire. Make sure you include your name in the subject header.

You must read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions before order is placed. 

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Prices are negotiable and include cost of supplies and labor charges.

Most sculptures are listed below in height or length (depending on stance). Average orders are up to 10 inches tall. Additional sizes may be requested.


 Wedding Cake Topper (two figures included) 

These figurines are designed to display on the cake, if desired.

Because of this, they are designed to be very lightweight.

 Basic wood display base is used 

Order up to10"tall. 

 Cake display base is available upon request

Bobble Head

Bobble heads are detailed portrait caricatures designed for function.

Features are not always100% accurate and may be exaggerated.

Basic display base is heavy to equally distribute support of the bobble.

Order up to 10" tall

  Portrait Sculpture/Bust (full figure or head bust)

Highly detailed basic sculpture designed for a sleek, professional look.

Your choice of a full figure or shoulder bust.

Basic wood display base is used.

Order up to 10"

Pet Portrait

Full body or head bust available upon request.

Painted realistic or with bronze paint.

Basic wood base is included.

Order up to 10"

*Shipping and handling charges (19.99) will also apply. Price of sculptures listed includes cost of supplies and labor charges. Only PayPal, personal check, or money order is accepted.

Super Sculpey should not be stored in direct sunlight, under heat lamps, or extreme cold temperatures. Doing so could cause the Sculpey to crack. My sculptures are not movable or meant to be played with like a toy. Bobble heads are a functional collectible and not designed for heavy use.